Fancy B.A.F. Flask


You’ve probably already seen the basic Brown Aiming Fluid flask, but for all you holding your pinky to the sky while you sip from the finest of the top shelf, we have the FANCY flask.
Keep this one handy for those special times with special people and top it off with 6oz of your favorite fancy beverage… or fill it with the cheap stuff and tell your friends it’s expensive because, let’s face it, most of them can’t tell the difference after a long day on the range anyway!
Disclaimer #1: You don’t have to use brown aiming fluid… we don’t discriminate so fill it with your beverage of choice.
Disclaimer #2: Seriously though… never mix alcohol and firearms. Save any drinking for AFTER the shooting is done and the guns are put away. Don’t drink and drive either, that’s dumb.

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