your shooting ability.

We provide professional, affordable, and highly focused instruction in all disciplines to all levels of shooters.
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your shooting ability.

We provide professional, affordable, and highly focused instruction in all disciplines to all levels of shooters.
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This checklist has everything you need to hit a 3-gun match! You’ll find it useful whether you’re a new 3-gunner or a seasoned 3-gunner. 

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3-Gunners…. Grab your FREE 3-Gun Gear Checklist!

This checklist has everything you need to hit a 3-gun match! You’ll find it useful whether you’re a new 3-gunner or a seasoned 3-gunner. 

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Superior firearms training for all levels and areas of focus.

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Multi-Gun Dryfire Mastery

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Curriculum is available at your finger tips, so you’re able to work through the course content at your own speed and as your schedule permits.

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Ammo is kind of scarce and pricey at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work on improving your shooting skills!

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Our system allows you to access the curriculum on whichever device you’d like, whether you’re using your phone, tablet, or computer.

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superior firearms training for all shooters..

Here’s what shooters just like you have to say about Farewell Firearms classes.


We attended the Handgun Fundamentals class on Sunday (4/12/20). My goal was to have fun and to encourage my husband to be more comfortable with handguns. We both were successful in our missions. Joe was approachable and easy in his teaching methods. The class was small enough so that you felt that you had personal time and had all your questions answered. I would encourage everyone to attend classes with Joe. He teaches at all levels and does not leave anybody behind. He only helps you to be better.

Eugene R

Took Joe’s Gun FUNdamental’s course yesterday and had a blast. 1st time shooting a gun so i wanted to do it right! Joe is an excellent instructor, he does a great job at explaining the what to do, how to do and what to do when that doesnt work! Left yesterday feeling really confident handling my firearm and with some tips to get better! i’ll be back again for sure and this time i’ll bring along my wife!

Becky W

Another five star review for Joe! I took his Concealed Weapons class and it was awesome! He teaches by talking WITH you – not just at you! He gave us so much information including personal situations he has encountered and videos of situations for us to dissect and learn directly from. It provided so much more than just being lectured to. Whenever we asked any question he always took time to answer and make sure we understood. Joe requires showing proficiency and safety in using your weapon which made me feel I am truly prepared. My recommendation- TAKE HIS CONCEALED CARRY CLASS!

Ryan Berres

The class with Joe exceeded my expectations. He’s knowledgeable friendly and very professional. It was great to get to know him in Wisconsin. He helped boost my confidence. He gave me skills to work on in dry fire and he improved my quad loading and transition skills. If this class is ever offered within 3 to 4 hours away for me, I will never miss it.

Becky W

Being part of the “senior” age group can make you a bit apprehensive about being able to learning to shoot a hand gun! But we had a group of 6 women wanting to learn! We were recommended to Joe so we set a day to get together at Farewell Firearms Training. It was the absolute BEST decision we could have made! The entire day Joe was patient, fun, unbelievably informative, and by the time we left, he had us totally comfortable handling our guns, loading and unloading, shooting, and safety-safety-safety!! If ANYONE is wanting to learn or brush up on gun safety and shooting I urge you to call him!! Since our first lesson we have gone back for another session, have another one scheduled and have signed up for his concealed carry class. Believe me, you won’t be sorry you called! Becky W.

Krystal A.

Joe is a great teacher. He is very knowledgeable in his craft. Learned a lot I didn’t know and I had already been through a concealed weapons course. I am so glad I started back at the fundamentals with Joe.

Mike M

I have been shooting at ranges for about 20 years and new I had some bad habits. Joe was able to watch me and help me in so many areas. take up the slack on the trigger for a smooth shot, proper stance, proper grip and so much more. I was even able to hit a steal plate at 50 yards with a glock 43 first shot after applying his teaching. then we did a running and gunning coarse under Joes direct supervision. I used a larger capacity pistol. the 2nd time I did the coarse I cut my time in half and finished with 16 shots and did not even need to reload. thank you very much Joe. I will be back to take addditional classes and hope to get my wife in the ladies only class.

Adam Hayward

I thought that this couldn’t be to much to learn, boy was I wrong. There is so much that goes into this sport, with out having an instructor I don’t see it happening. Joe is probably one of the best I have seen, he is able to take something that has so much to each part of the game and make it as simple as possible. In one day you can go from having no idea on what to do, to at least being able to a match. Then it leaves you wanting more and that means more training. If your going to do something, make sure you do it right. Farewell Firearms Training is just that

Chris N

Wow! This was an eye opener. I have spent my life operating firearms in the military and private sector. I wanted to try my hand in 3 gun. During my law enforcement career I had the pleasure of meeting Joe and he is a true professional at everything he does. Joe was able to show me things I was doing wrong with weapons handling to improve my speed on target aqusition and transitioning targets small to large and short distance to long distance. I don’t think I want to try any other instructors after receiving the instruction from Joe. He really nailed every aspect of the training from pistol, shotgun and rifle. I look forward to many more outings at the Farewell Firearms Training facility and I highly recommend anyone looking to get started in 3 gun to visit Joe. I absolutely know you will not be disappointed. Thank you Joe for the great experience. Chris

Greg Swanson

I had the chance to take one of Joe’s 3 gun classes in AK this past summer, and the experience I gained was huge. Joe gives you the professinal tips and advice on your training that can set you up for successful practice and you will learn match skills that make a huge difference. With his experience he is able to push you past all the mistakes new shooters will make and expidight your growth as a shooter and competitor. I would highly recommend taking one of his classes, and look forward to the next optertunity I have to take another. Plus he’s just all around a great guy to spend a weekend on the range with!

Topher Bell

The level II 3-Gun class was an excellent experience focusing on introducing speed, accuracy, and efficiency into every aspect of the game. Each firearm was covered individually from deployment and manipulation to engagement and desertion, with an emphasis on how to smoothly and quickly accomplish each goal as it pertains to 3 gun. These skills were then paired with movement, both between shooting positions and shooting on the move. We applied these principles to stage planning and the ever important mental focus necessary to perform at our highest level. A significant portion of the class focused on how to implement good habits and quality drills into our training and confirm that each rep performed at the range as well as during dryfire was a positive step forward, and not a bad rep holding us back. I especially liked the drills that minimized ammunition spent but maximized good reps and rewarded smooth execution.

I left feeling like I eliminated many bad habits and gained phenomenal insight into reaching the next level. I feel confident with how to better utilize each weapon system and how to specifically train on the range and at home to efficiently use my time and ammo. I appreciated the focus on 3 gun. I was a little worried that this class would try to blend competition with self defense tactics but that was not the case.

I look forward to continuing my training at home and appeciate the remote training followup that was included with the course to confirm I am practicing correctly and not slipping into bad habits. I’d estimate that this class condensed 2 years and 20,000 rounds of “I’ll figure it out on my own” into a single weekend with about 1,000 rounds total! Thanks Joe for the great weekend, the lessons learned, and the plan for my shooting in the future!!

Mylene B

Excellent 3Gun class! This was my first 3Gun training, and I was looking to learn how to shoot all 3 weapons effectively, especially the shotgun. Joe was highly recommended by a friend. And now, I know why. The class wasn’t just about burning ammo and shooting 3 different guns. It’s about how to shoot each gun fast and accurately, learning techniques that really work, building good habits through repetition and making each movement count. He even went over how I should approach a match, a stage, a series of targets, a specific target, etc. With what I learned, I could honestly say that I am less intimidated about attending a match. Sure, when I watch Joe run a stage and then see how I move in slow motion by comparison, I know that I have a long way to go. Buy, hey, with his help and instruction, I am on my way. So if you are serious about getting your game on, this is a must attend class. I can’t wait for Level II!

Tyler A.

Fantastic training from an outstanding young man. Have shot quite a few other classes and this one was fun to shoot. Laid back, easy to talk with and learn from. A wealth of knowledge on firearms, technique, mechanics and everything in between. Highly recommended for shooters of any skill level. The kind of guy you could trust your kids with. 100% stand up man and an instructor who isn’t afraid to correct you when needed. He can shoot like a bat outta hell and can/will shoot all the drills he uses with precision. Excellent pricing given the time and value gained.

Christopher F.

Joe’s 3Gun 101 course covered far more than expected. The class provided a great overview of what to expect and how to prepare for a 3Gun match. The class also had hands on drills where I got the chance to practice transitions, fundamentals, and what I consider more advanced techniques through many drills and courses of fire. As a bonus Joe pointed a few bad habits and showed me how to correct them. I experienced an immediate improvement in my performance. Joe is a very knowledgeable instructor I would recommend his classes to a friend.

Tory J.

“Joe is an AWESOME instructor with extensive knowledge and passion for shooting and teaching. He has years experience in both Law Enforcement and competitive shooting so whether it’s your CCW, personal defense, tactics, or competition shooting of all types that you are looking to improve upon…

Farewell Firearms Training can definitely help you.
I have trained and shot competitively with Joe for many years and he has absolutely helped me improve my 3-gun game and my movement. Joe himself is an eternal student who never stops learning.”

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