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Class Description

Advanced 3-Gun Clinic

This is the perfect opportunity to break through your training plateaus and push your 3-Gun skills to the next level…

Two days of training are split between skill building, where you’ll learn the tricks on how to become a top competitor, and application where you’ll have a chance to put to the test what we covered. 

Day 1: A full day of instruction and drills on the range. We will be cramming a lot into the day and pushing for good reps on everything. 

  • Movement
  • Transitions 
  • Visual Speed

Day 2: We will build on what we covered on the first day and apply it to several stages. 

Required gear: Everything you would typically bring to a major match, rifle, pistol, shotgun, mag pouches and shell caddies, at least 3 mags for each, 300 pistol, 200 rifle, 250 shotgun, 20 slugs.

Class size is limited. 

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