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Advanced Rifle Dynamics

Are you happy with the results when you put your skills to the test? On that same note, have you ever really tested your skills to see where they stand?

This will be a full day on the range rocking your favorite carbine! We will start with the basics to ensure a solid foundation but quickly progress to advanced drills to build proficiency.

This class is not exclusively “Tactical” or “Competitive” but is a hybrid of the two disciplines built on the instructor’s experience in both realms. The focus will be getting fast, accurate, and efficient with your carbine, regardless of the application.

We will also cover:

  • Body mechanics and making the carbine work for you
  • Discovering the capabilities of the modern carbine
  • Advanced target transitions
  • Positional shooting at close to medium ranges

Required gear: Modern sporting rifle (AR/AK variants, Pistol Caliber Carbines, etc.), minimum 3 magazines, magazine pouch(es) sling (recommended), 400 rounds of ammunition.


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