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Practical Rifle 1

(Formerly AR15/Carbine Fundamentals)

Whether you recently purchased an AR15 or just want to improve your current skills and familiarity with the platform, this will be a great course for you!

We will spend 4-5 hours on the range getting comfortable with manipulations and learning the capabilities. This class is not exclusively “Tactical” or “Competitive” but is built from my experience in the two disciplines. The focus will be getting fast, accurate, and efficient with your carbine, regardless of the application.

We will also cover: 
• Body mechanics and making the carbine work for you 
• Finding the capabilities of the modern sporting rifle 
• Advanced target transitions 
• Positional shooting at close to long ranges 

Required gear: Modern sporting rifle (AR/AK variants, Pistol Caliber Carbines, etc.), minimum 3 magazines, magazine pouch(es) sling (recommended), 200 rounds of ammunition. *NO GREEN TIP OR STEEL CORE PENETRATOR AMMO*

This class is limited to 8 students and will run from 1:00p-5:00p. Drinks and snacks provided. 

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