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Class Description

Handgun Fundamentals

With the massive influx of new gun owners, it’s incredibly important to build a good fundamental skillset with your handgun. 

This class is a perfect starting point for new shooters as well as a solid refresher for the more experienced. This class will identify bad habits and help build good ones.

We will cover: 
-The groundwork for firearm safety and proper handling/storage
-Proper stance, grip, sight picture and alignment, and trigger control 
-Fundamentals of accuracy and the basics of defensive/competitive shooting
-Proper dryfire techniques to build your skills at home

Class is limited to 8 students to ensure each of you get the most value out of the training. The class hours are 8:00a-12:00p. 

Drinks and snacks will be included. 
Required gear: Functioning handgun, holster (recommended), 200 rounds of ammunition. 

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