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2020 Winter Paradise Training Summit

4-6, 2020

Lake Wales, FL

Summit officially sponsored by:

2020 Winter Paradise Training Summit Lake Wales FL Farewell Firearms

Three epic days of shooting, learning, and shenanigans with top tier instructors in the Sunshine State!



Official Hotel: Holiday Inn Express Lake Wales 

To get 15% off the lowest rate, call them at (863)949-4800 and tell them you’re there for Farewell Firearms Training!

This is going to be THE event you don’t want to miss! Get out of the cold and join an exclusive group of motivated shooters for some intense training.

With thousands of dollars in raffles and prizes, and a new instructor each day, everyone will be walking away with massive value and new friends.

Event Includes:

  • At least 24 hours of personalized training with Joe Farewell (FFT), Donovan Moore (P1T), and Rick Crawley (AHT). Each day you will have a new class pushing you to the next level in your shooting.

  • 3 lunches and 2 dinners

  • Professional video and photos with a content package for your own social media

  • Sponsor swag

  • Networking opportunities with other motivated shooters from all over the industry

  • Access to one-on-one guidance and coaching throughout the event

  • Training certificates for all who successfully complete the courses.

2020 Winter Paradise Training Summit Lake Wales FL Farewell Firearms

This isn’t going to be a some huge event with tons of people… instead we’re only making it super exclusive with only 30 slots available.

What does that mean for you?

More time and attention to YOUR questions!

More professional hands-on training for YOU!

More chances for YOU to win the raffles!!

This hyper focused training event will push you to the next level in your performance shooting, hone your mental preparedness, expand your visualization skills, improve body mechanics, and much more.

Meet Your Instructors

Day 1

Joe Farewell

Class Info:

Rifle/Pistol Movement & Mindset: Bridging the gap between the “competitive”and “tactical” world.

When it comes to practical shooting as a skillset, you have to be fast. Joe will push you through your plateaus and take you to the next level in your shooting.

Just a few of the topics covered will be:

  • Dialing in the most overlooked skill in shooting
  • Explosive movement while maintaining control
  • Body mechanics and economy of motion
  • Transitions between guns and targets
  • How to effectively build a stable rifle position in under 3 seconds

Instructor Bio

Joe’s background as a police officer with years of SWAT experience in addition to his competing at the highest levels in handgun, action rifle, and 3-gun provide him a unique perspective at the ability to cross-train and come out ahead. Learn how to shoot and move with precision and speed, build your visualization skills to lock in your processes, and measure your performance under pressure.

Day 2

Donovan Moore

Class Info:

Concealed Carry Mechanics

This class will push your skill and knowledge of your EDC while working on accountability and drawing from concealment. In this course you can expect to reapply all core fundamentals and generate new techniques with the following skills:  

  • Stance/Grip/Draw
  • Faster shooting & Advanced Dry fire techniques
  • Transitioning to multiple threats
  • One-Arm Manipulations
  • Dynamic Movements

Round Count: 500 Rounds

Instructor Bio

“As a Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, I’ve had the privilege of spending the last decade in the military embedded in many different Special Operation units. While I developed many skills through that time, combat shooting became something more to me than just an occupational necessity.  I have been fortunate to be afforded the ability to expand my personal experience by having access to the most elite shooting schools.  Always a student of the art, I continue the practice of seeking out training with the best to this day.”

Day 3

Rick Crawley

Class Info:

Rifle & Pistol Dynamics

This course is designed to build the individuals performance level with their primary & secondary weapons system. Shooters will be instructed on how to exceed their comfort levels in order to build speed in engagement & manipulation with both weapons. This course utilizes close-range to intermediate range engagements and holds shooters accountable for every round sent down range. This course covers:

  • weapons considerations and set ups
  • ballistics (Internal, External, Terminal)
  • effective engagements
  • primary / secondary weapons manipulation
  • neuromuscular connection development
  • alternative shooting positions
  • efficient movement / body mechanics
  • gunfighter mindset
  • malfunctions / reloading
  • uses of cover and movement to cover
Instructor Bio

CEO & Chief Instructor, Achilles Heel Tactical. ​Rick started Achilles Heel Tactical in 2017 after separating from the Marine Corps to pursue a new career in law enforcement. Rick has over a decade of combined experience in both military & law enforcement service. During his time as an infantry marine, he deployed 3 times in support of OIF and OEF operations. Rick fulfilled many billets on these tours such as Squad Leader & Scout Sniper Team Leader. Currently while serving in law enforcement, Rick serves as an active member on SWAT and is an OPOTA Certified LE firearms instructor.

Minimum Gear Requirements:

  • Carbine & Pistol

  • Belt with OWB Holster (No SERPA) and concealment holster

  • Rifle sling

  • At least 3 rifle magazines

  • At least 3 pistol magazines

  • 800 rounds rifle ammunition

  • 1500 rounds Pistol
    (9mm will be available for purchase at .40/rd)

  • 2 magazine holders for pistol magazines (Mag Pouch)

  • 1 magazine holder for rifle magazines (Mag Pouch)

  • Weapons mounted lights (Both Rifle & Pistol)

  • Free hand light

  • Ear & Eye Protection (Dark & Clear eye protection)

  • Appropriate clothing for terrain and weather

  • Weapons maintenance & cleaning equipment

  • Sunscreen

Check out the calendar for other upcoming class offerings.