Hybrid Performance Pistol (Franklinville, NC) 3/20-21/21

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This is a unique opportunity to shoot a match AND build your skills!

On Saturday we will shoot the CGG USPSA match together on a private squad, breaking down each stage, explaining stage plans and movement, and pushing to execute on a high level. This also gives me a chance to analyze your shooting and build a training plan for you as we roll into the next day!

Sunday will be spent correcting any inefficiencies identified during the match, pushing movement techniques, and breaking down training concepts that you can add to your own training regimen.

We will cover:

  • Mindset and stage planning
  • Target transitions
  • Focal shifts based on target display
  • Executing at peak performance

PLUS Zoo City Armory will have ammunition available for great prices for both the match and class!

Class size is limited so jump in ASAP! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

Course cost includes entry to the match.

Class Full - No Slots Available
  • Carolina Guns & Gear
  • Franklinville
  • NC
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