Ladies Defensive Handgun (Private) 3/27/21

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Event Date:

March 27, 2021

Event Location:

Private Range

(Ladies Defensive Handgun on 3/27/21 is a PRIVATE CLASS. Only those who were provided the link should register.)

Women have a unique challenge when it comes to defensive shooting and being prepared for potential violence. 

During this class we will work build a safe and comfortable environment where we can push the fundamentals and take you to the next level in your training. Whether you’re new to shooting or looking to improve your current skillset, there will be lots for you to take away.

Starting from the ground up we will cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals and safety
  • Drawing from concealment, different options for ladies
  • Planning your defense 
  • Mental fortitude 
  • Positional shooting 
  • And MUCH more!

Invite your girlfriends and make it a fun day on the range while pushing your limits and walking away better prepared to defend yourself and your family. 

The class size is limited to 8 to ensure plenty of time for each of you to train. Bring your own handgun (or contact me), at least 2 magazines, and 300 rounds minimum. Lunch and drinks will be provided. 

Class Full - No Slots Available

Event Location:

  • Private Range
  • Lake Wales
  • FL
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