A Range Experience
You’ll Never Forget

Independence Range Day

 Sunday, July 3rd, 2022

Join us for the 2nd annual IRD to celebrate our country in the best way we know how… with lots of guns and tons of fun!

united states of america


You’ll get to demo some new stuff from your favorite companies
united states of america

Training Lessons

I’ll be offering some free training and have a few other instructors coming too!
united states of america

Lots of Shooting!

You’ll get to shoot A LOT… What a better way to celebrate America!
united states of america

Food + Fun

We’ll have snacks and such. BYOB (for AFTER all shooting is over and the range is cold for the day).

This is a free event that I offer as a “give back” to the shooters.

Last year we put this event together with only a couple of weeks lead time and had over 70 people show up!

This year I’m expecting over 100 There will be demo’s, free training sessions (I have several other instructors coming out), and the goal is to have a good time celebrating America and guns!

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