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5 Tips to get ready for a match!

  1. Get your gear! This seems obvious but when you're preparing for a match you need to ensure you have all of your gear in order. Click here to download a free checklist for your 3-gun gear needs! 
  2. Check zeros. This applies to each gun you're planning to use. Confirm your zero hasn't shifted since the last time you checked. It's not often off when you run good gear but the peace of mind is crucial and I have found it off before!
  3. Check your ammo supply. There have been several matches where I came down to my last few rounds in order to finish the stages. Bring extra especially if there are side stages or a shootoff. 
  4. Spare parts. Gear failures suck so bring a few spare parts and a small tool kit. I typically bring a spare BCG and trigger for my rifle, locktite, fiber optic for sights, and of course the Multigun Competition Cleaning Kit from Radco.
  5. Rain/cold weather gear. Checking the weather is so basic but don't forget to do it! There are few things worse for a match performance than leaving raingear at home and being wet and cold!

Anything I missed? Drop a comment with your pre-match rituals! 


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