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5 Tips to get ready for a match!

Get your gear! This seems obvious but when you're preparing for a match you need to ensure you have all of your gear in order. Click here to download a free checklist for your 3-gun gear needs! Check zeros. This applies to each...

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Road to Nationals – Part 3: Mental Prep

"We are really competing against ourselves. We have no control over how other people perform."Pete Cashmore The raw skills and all of the gear are arguably the easiest part of this game to master, the mind has always been the biggest challenge...

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Road to Nationals- Part 2: Gear Preparation

We're one day closer to Nationals! Yesterday we went in-depth about what I’m doing to prepare my SKILLS in Part 1: Skillbuilding. (Click here if you missed that!). Today we’re going over three key steps I take to ensure my GEAR is...

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