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IRD 2022 Details for Attendees

We're only a week out and I'm excited to have you out! I have a couple of things for you to go over...


This is a cold range. Please arrive with weapons unloaded and cased. You may load and shoot when you come to the firing line. There will be marked areas for you to safely handle your guns, check out your friend's guns, dryfire etc. That area is NOT the parking lot. If there are any safety issues you will be asked to leave the range. 

Eye protection is MANDATORY for EVERYONE at the event. No exceptions. 

Ear protection is required for anyone near the firing line.

Help Needed:

I'm looking for a few volunteers to help with the event. If you're interested in helping out let me know ASAP. 


This is a private range and I will ask that each of you treat it better than your own property. Leave it cleaner than you found it. 

When you arrive, park in the fenced area and proceed through the entry gate to get your raffle tickets, shirts, etc. 

6701 Lake Mabel Loop Rd, Lake Wales, FL 33898


I will have 9mm and .223 available for sale at the event. 

Do NOT shoot steel targets with steel core, penetrator, or any armor piercing ammo. Doing so will incur a replacement fee and possibly removal from the range.

Gear Swap:

This is something new I want to try this year. If you have any 2A related gear you want to sell or trade, bring it out! Any deals you make will be between the two parties only and shall not have any reflection on the event or staff. 

YOU are responsible for following all applicable laws. If you have any questions shoot me an email. 


You do not have to show up at 1pm! This is a family friendly, free-flow, come and go when you want, range day. HOWEVER, you must check in prior to entering the range. Check in will be at the tent by the entrance gate. Please print and complete this waiver to streamline the process.

Gates will open at 1pm sharp. That means don't show up at 12:30 and wonder why you can't get in... 

1:30 Range briefing and kicking things off with a BOOM!

2:15 Range COLD. First Raffles and giveaways.

2:30 Basic Handgun Class on Range 1, Basic AR Class on Range 2. Steel shoot on Range 3. 

3:15 Range COLD. MORE Raffles..

3:30 Range 1 & 2 free shoot. Pistol movement and course on Range 3. 

4:30 Range COLD. Gear Swap, food, Raffles.

5:30 Grand Finale Shoot.  

6:45 Range COLD. Final Raffles, Giveaways, food, and beverages provided for the cleanup crew!

What to bring:

Eye/Ear protection

Any guns you want to shoot (unloaded)

Any 2A stuff you want to sell or trade

CASH for raffles, ammo, and other cool stuff available. (We can take cards too). 

Please share this email with anyone in your party who didn't get it. 

Can't wait to shoot with you all!



P.S. I'm excited to announce the sponsors of the event! Stay tuned for the next email which will give you a full breakdown but you're going to see awesome gear from:

Vortex Optics

Priority 1 Holsters

Grizzly Ears

Primary Arms

Cobalt Kinetics

Bastinelli Knives

and more! 

If you are interested in sponsoring the event shoot me an email!