Grizzly Ears Electronic Hearing Protection (GE46)


When I first learned about Grizzly Ears I was skeptical… how could something at that price point be competitive with the other in-ear electronic ear protection I’d looked at, some of which cost over $2,000?

After I tried them for several months, wearing them not only on the range but also using them for music during flights and working out, taking calls, and blocking out the madness of road trips, I was on board.

With a great battery life and a fast charging case I can spend about two full days on the range without having to charge them. The active sound compression allows me to have conversations with friends and students while also blocking out the harmful gunfire and protecting my hearing.

A few other key points:

  • Wireless bluetooth audio
  • MSSC ~ Mic Sensitivity Sound Compression: Reducing harmful impulse sounds over 85DB (ie. gunfire).
  • SA ~ Sound Amplification: (enhancement of low-level exterior sounds up to 6x)
  • Stereo sound
  • Making or answering phone calls
  • Automatic pairing
  • Waterproof (just the earbuds, not the charging case)
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