Priority 1 Holster – Joe Farewell Signature Series

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Right-handed shooters only at this time.

I teamed up with Priority 1 Holsters to combine the best of both worlds… my experience in the competitive shooting world and the world-class manufacturing capabilities of Priority 1. Due to my experience and knowledge running gear at the highest levels of competitive shooting, I consulted to develop a holster designed to allow competitive shooters to perform at their best. With Priority 1’s design capabilities and holster experience, they were able to take my ideas and reshape their product line into one that’s designed for speed, on-demand reliability, and balanced retention: thus the Joe Farwell Signature Series OWB holster was born. These holsters have been fine-tuned to fit the specifications you need as a competitive shooter.

The Joe Farewell Signature Series hoslter is built to optimize your experience with a multitude of attachments, ride heights, and add-ons to find the best combination to fit YOUR draw and style of shooting.

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